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Q: Can you make me a theme?
A: Yes but at a cost. You can hire me to design you something custom, that will be just for you.

Q: How do I install your them?
A: There is a link to the left on how to install my themes.

Q: Do you take theme suggestions/requests?
A: Yes, but I am not obligated to make your request. If I feel other tumblr users could benefit from your request small chance that I will make the theme.

Q: Can you make me a theme with custom graphics & a header image?
A: Yes I can, but I charge for this service. To inquire about paying me to design your tumblr theme message me

Q: Can I take out your credit on the theme?
A: No. I work hard to give you themes. The least you can do is leave my credit.  

Q: How do you change this & that in the theme?
A: I am one person. So I sometimes will not be able to help everyone. So if I don’t answer your question right away don’t get bent out of shape.  

Q: Can I alter/modify your theme?
A: Yes you can. Just leave my credit on it. 

Q: Can I submit a tumblr code?
A: Yes. Use the submit button on the home page. I will not accept everything. I only accept what other tumblr users might be able to use.

Any more questions leave something in my message box. I’ll try to answer anything that is asked to me.