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New themes?

I need suggestions! If you have an idea for new themes, reply to this post with your idea! Like single columns, 3 columns, small theme, big theme etc etc.

Note: Keep in mind I don’t make themes that have a certain “theme” in mind. For example: “Make a harry potter theme!”. I make “blank” themes, so to speak. It’s up to you to change the colors/style the theme to your liking. =)

With that being said… I am open to any other ideas you may have in mind! 

Thank you for following & using my themes. You are awesome! 


Intent: Theme Code | Preview | Install

1 column theme with 500px posts & a fixed sidebar (200px). You can change all of the colors to whatever you want, add custom links, upload a portrait image & upload a custom background. You also have the option to turn infinite scroll on or off. Enjoy.

Note: The color scheme in the screen shot can be changed to whatever you want. You don’t have to use these colors.

For more themes click here.



I was bored so I drew what I loved the most. Pizza <3


Just a reminder there are 4 new themes up!

Restrained | Intensify | Lustrous | Reprise 

Check em out! Use em! =)